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    last year i was in an accident of sorts, playing cricket and an unseen ball cracked me sqaure in the face. ordinarily this would have been okay but my helmet was very old and the grid part had managed to come loose. anyway the obvious happened, i get both ball and cage in my face/mouth followed by alot of pain and blood. luckily the jaw wasnt broken but i suffered 2 badly chipped teeth, one died and another came out entirely but with its root so they managed somehow to put it back in, not a nice process. what ive been left with was okay at the time because it couldve been alot worse. i will try to get hold of some shots for you, but i am so nervous about going to see a dentist in case they tell me there is nothing to be done, or in case they cause me even more pain than i have already been through. are things like this usually salvageably? i understand it is touch without a pic but i cant get pics up til the weekend
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