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    Question Want cosmetic dentistry and have money to spend

    Hi all, I'm completely new to this so forgive me if I'm explaining things weirdly.

    I'm a 21-year-old male and I last went to the dentist when I was about 17. I've had bad teeth for as long as I can remember and now I am coming into some inheritance money and want to spend it getting a perfect smile. However, I'm located in South-East England and wanted to know where to go, who to ask? Would my local dentist know (i'd prefer to avoid him) or would it be easier going directly somewhere else?

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    Edit: Also I should probably explain what I think I need doing. I still have all but 2 of my teeth (removed by the dentist at 15/16 because they were getting in the way of others) but they are all yellow-ish and about half are wonky. I've had a couple of fillings when I was younger in the big teeth at the back (molars aren't they?) and I have receding gums in the middle on the lower gum. So, I think braces and whitening might work, I've seen the cost of implants and would prefer to avoid them, but other than that I'm easy.
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    You sound similar to me - although I am a bit older at 28. I have about 8 fillings in my back teeth, but no root canals or crowns (yet!). My front teeth are pretty wonky and yellow also.

    The advice I was given is that at my age (i.e. relatively young), keep it conservative. So go for orthodontic treatment, whitening afterwards and then reassess. If your gums bother you also, then a specalist periodontist might be able to help also, but keep that until the first two are done. Generally a good cosmetic dentist should not be recommending veneers, crowns etc to young people with relatively healthy teeth

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