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    Default gapped teeth advice

    Hi there
    I am 26 and had 2 back teeth removed as a child which caused my front 6 teeth to space apart about 1-2mm each. I get reg 6 month check ups never required any treatment and teeth very health. I work in cosemtics and image is very important it causes me allot of embarresment having so many gapped teeth. My NHS dentist said she'd fit me porclain veneers but I'm reluctant as my teeth are so healthy but she said that invisible braces or the 6 month smile wouldnt pull them together and has no gaurantee. Metal braces isnt really an option in my line of work. I wonder if Lumineers or Ingman aligners is an option or if it would work I just dont know what option is best for healthy teeth.

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    I feel you should seek a second opinion about braces to close the
    spaces. Whilst a clinical examination is essential to confirm, there is
    every possibility that short term orthodontics such as six month smile
    could close the spaces. Alternatively Lingual braces or the inside of
    your teeth would definitely be an option. Finally Porcelain veneers may
    still be an option as done correctly with an additive technique these
    can be very conservative. They do involve doing something to the teeth
    but if braces are not an option (very unlikely) then these may still
    solve your problem. I would suggest you seek a second opinion with an
    accredited member of the British academy of cosmetic dentistry
    or failing this a full member of the academy .
    Dr David Bloom BDS

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