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    Default Lumineers, advice and/or recommendaion needed

    I'm 31 with discoloured teeth and am considering lumineers.
    My NHS dentist, although having served me well (at least I thought so) is due to retire, and is very old school. He refuses to discuss any type of whitening / cosmetic dentistry & dismisses any question I have on the subject as vanity and view's cosmetic dentistry as 'A New Evil'!!
    Having been looking for his support I was very disheartened and visited a new dentist who after consultation and xrays, advised i need some work, not least fillings needing urgently replaced and possibly a night gum shield, as I have been grinding my teeth?? not something i ever noticed, but yes my teeth do look shorter that i suppose they should be.
    This new dentist is NHS and i am happy to get the work done with him, however He does not offer any cosmetic dentistry and cannot reccommend any practice which offers Lumineers.
    Would anyone be able to advise of a Dentist in the West Coast of Scotland who offers this treatment, I could even travel to Edinburgh without to much hassle.
    Also If any dentist reads this, do you think Lumineers may be suitable for me? I do not want veneers, my teeth are strong despite the odd filling needing done and of a nice shape, just short and discoloured.
    Thanks in advance

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    Nadia, if you do a google search for no preparation veneers you should find some information. With regards to which dentists offer Lumineers you can always make some phone calls and ask.

    I don't know Scotland and therefore cannot help with guiding you further

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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