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    Default Is there any veneers out there that are natural looking??

    I've had 6 'no prep veneers' on my front teeth to close a small gap I had and I'm considerig having them removed after 2 years. I think they're really unnatural looking and feel quite bulky. Don't get me wrong they look good and the dentist who has done them has got an excellent reputation and has featured on TV and in magazines. The problem for me is that they look too perfect, if that makes sense, and I get many people asking me if I've got veneers which I don't like. They also feel quite bulky when I talk.

    Is there anything that can be done to create a natural looking smile? Or do all veneers have that same false look about them?


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    Dear Kazza,

    Veneers can look as false as Jordan's or so life like no one will know! It all very much depends on your communication witht eh dentist and the skill of the operating technician.

    It is much, much more difficult to get life like results with no prep veneers as they have to be bulked out from your smile rather than blending in. This is not to say no prep veneers do not have their place! Without a consultation it is difficult to say what can be done. Although I can reassure you life like veneers are possible

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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