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    Hi there,

    I amwondering if I could get guidance on how often to go and get my teeth filed. My dentist recommends every six weeks, but when I get them filed, they move very quickly and then don't move again for the next four to five weeks until she files them again. Am I in the right to request to have them filedmore often?
    A friend had them done elsewhere and had them filed every 2-3 weeks to ensure that the treatment was as fast as possible. It feels like my treatment may take forever if I stick to the every six week pattern!

    My problems aren't major either, much less work than my friends (who subsequently only had hers for 14 weeks) but I've hadmine nine and a half weeks now.

    Would really appreciate a bit of guidance on this, and while I understand that my friend had more work and probably needed more filing, I don't feel satisfied with letting my teeth sit there for 4-5 weeks not doing anything.

    Many thanks


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    Everyone is different and there is no standard for how often this should be done.

    There is likely to be a reason for this and I would recommend you speak to your dentist regarding this

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    I can tell when mine need doing as when flossing you can feel it is too tight. When this happens I just book an appointment and my dentist is happy to see me. I've been as frequently as 2 weeks.

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    As a general rule I would expect to do the filing every 2 weeks . Little and often is the best way and so I would discuss this with your dentist . To be certified to do Inman aligners your dentist would have done The Inman aligner course and on this they certainly teach the inter proximal reduction (filing) is done every 2 weeks


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