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    Lightbulb Overjet Correction

    Hi there,

    I currently have a slight overjet of about 2.5mm and was wondering if the Inman aligner would be able to correct this?


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    Default inman aligner for overject

    I am aware of cases that have been treated with inman aligners in which patients suffered from overject I've have certainly seen such cases done by out Inman aligner moderator Dr Tif Qureshi however it is vert difficult to comment if the inman aligner would be for you without seeing your teeth or photos as other variables such as how much room is there to more your teeth and the position of neighboring teeth need ti be considered too

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    Default I wonder could I get an inman aligner cuz I really want one

    I have an overjet on my top teeth. My top two front teeth protrude farther than the rest of my teeth. The two outside of each of my two front teeth have very, very minimal protusion. I was told it was abt 1mm protrusion on those two. The overjet on the front two teeth is bad to me, but I have definitely seen worse. Then there's slight spacing in between my fang teeth and molars from where my fang teeth have shifted forward I'm assuming because of my two front teeth shifting forward and they were going start to protrude but luckily I stopped sucking my thumb. All my teeth are perfectly aligned. I have no crooked teeth so if I were to use an inman aligner and reduced the protusion. Most of the problem comes from the protrusion of my two front teeth.
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