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    Default Space between teeth with drill?

    I opted for the inman aligner because I thought I wouldnt need to get my tooth enamel drilled away. My dentist created a 2mm space on my top front teeth. I am embarassed about the way I now look. I realize that I should have asked before he drilled it but now it is too late. Please let me know if this is standard procedure or if he is making up rules as he goes. The shape of my tooth looks terrible now.

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    have your teeth now been straightened and you have a 2mm gap or do they still need to move ? I think that the teeth should be gradually stripped as the teeth move to ensure a minimum gap when they are in the right place but really hard to comment without seeing your teeth, you should really express your concerns with the dentist who did the treatment OR seek a second opinion from a dentist that offers the Inman aligner

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    it seems strange that a 2mm gap will have been created by drilling.
    Normally space is only created a little at a time as admin mentions.

    Sometimes at the start of treatment the teeth can look a little strange as they start to move.

    If you have any doubts, PM me

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