I've recently found out that my two canine teeth are actually my baby teeth and therefore i need to have them removed to make space for the impacted teeth. However the impacted teeth have moved and been pushing on the root of the teeth next to them causing these to slightly move out of position. Other than this i have perfectly straight teeth.

I've been told by my orthadontist that i will have to undergo surgey to have the baby teeth removed and the gums around the impacted teeth will have to be cut away so they can fit a bracket and a chain attatched to a full brace which i will have to wear for 2 - 2 1/2 years.

As i'm 19, i'm not very happy about having to wear a brace until i am 21/22 so i am desperately trying to find a way for me to not have braces for so long.I came across the Inman Aligner and think this would be the perfect option to straighten my two front teeth that have been moved slightly out of place.

What i would really like to know is if anyone has been in this situation or anyone who knows about dentistry could tell me if it's possible to not have a full brace while i have the chain pulling down my canines.

I was hoping i could wear the Inman Aligner first and straighten my front teeth, then have my baby canines removed and the surgery on my impacted teeth, but then have them pulled down without having a brace across my front teeth?

Sorry to ramble on i am just really trying to find a solution for my problem.

Thanks in advance.