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    Default Inman Aligner with Missing tooth

    I have to have a tooth extracted, one of my upper molars (I think #14) I had a very old root canal, and my own fault included, it has now gone bad, and the tooth must go. I am considering an implant, but at this point in time, I cannot afford it. But, the main point of this is that I am also considering the Inman Aligner, as I had braces when younger, but now the front 6 teeth have been moving. Mainly the teeth on either side of my two front teeth are starting to shift. I believe number 11 is moving away from number 10, towards the area that needs to be extracted soon. Also number 7 has moved very slightly away from number 8, and I am afraid this might continue to move. Both of my front teeth stick out more than they used to immediately post braces. Can I still get this aligner with a missing tooth?


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    many people have orthodontic treatment after tooth extraction so i cant see there being a problem with having the inman aligner with a missing tooth but it would be best you had a consultation with a dentist who does inman aligner treatment in your local area.

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