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    Question Inman Aligner much cheaper than Invisalign

    Hi all,

    I was considering Invisalign but the cheapest quote i had was 2500 which is a little expensive so I am looking at the inman aligner instead as its much cheaper and quicker. One of my top two teeth crosses the other and the two either side of these stick out a little. Ive booked 2 consulations in January but have have a few questions if anyone can help?

    Firstly, I've been quoted a price of 1500 for just the top teeth. Is this reasonable or should I be looking to get it cheaper?? It would be good to see what others paid as I dont want to get ripped off.

    Secondly, I have a few fillings to the rear of my mouth and im naturally thinking that the metal of the aligner will sit rather uncomfortably ontop of these. Has anyone else had this problem or can they be designed to fit around fillings?

    Thirdly, Whats the minimum amount of time per day that you should wear the aligner? I will be looking to clock up about 18 hours but not sure if this is enough.

    and finally, how long after your first consultation do you usually get the aligner?

    All views/answers will be much appreciated!


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    The fee quoted for all work depends on complexity of movement. 1500 sounds about average for a reasonably complex case.

    The aligner is designed to fit around your teeth comfortably and you shouldn't have any significant problems.

    The aligner is normally fitted 2 weeks after your impressions have been taken, and you will need to wear the aligner for about 20 hours a day

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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    Default orthodontist

    i found a good orthodontist in Paddington.
    After a few quotes she gave me the best value for money. I only can recommend her!
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    The Inman Aligner is a much cheaper treatment than Invisalign but it really depends on what treatment is suitable for your teeth. Invisalign can deal with more complex orthodontic problems than invisalign and it also usually takes a lot longer so the cost is naturally higher. Im sure your orthodontist gave you the appropriate treatment for your teeth.

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