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    Exclamation Relapse after ended teatment :(

    Tif, I really need some fast help here!

    After three months of wearing the Inman aligner, I finished my treatment 3 weeks ago and had a fixed bonded retainer installed on the back of my top front teeth. I was really pleased with the result (even though the cost was higher than I was told at first, so i really cant afford extra charges) but in the last week I have noticed that my teeth have started to move slightly back to their original position. This is really frustrating, and I dont know what to do. Isn't the bonded retainer suppose to keep my teeth in place?

    Can I wear my Inman aligner over the bonded retainer at night? Too keep my teeth in place?

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    I would advise you to go back to your dentist asap to discuss the relapse with him or her. Relapse is always a risk after any orthodontic treatment but a retainer should stop this. There may possibly be a problem with your retainer

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