hi I am a 21yr old and I am questioning my suitabillity for the Inman Aligners. I have previously consulted with an orthodontist and was told I would need to wear fixed braces for a year and a half. I decided not to go ahead with the procedure because it was too expensive at 5,600 euro. I am just particularly concerned with my front six top teeth anyway. I think I may have minor to severe crowding due to a habit of thumbsucking over the years. My left central canine sightly overlaps the right and sticks forward. My lateral incisor also lies in a forward lingual position and my top arch is narrow because of the thumbsucking. I also have a canine tooth that sticks out. I am willing to get an extraction if that may be the case but Im wondring would that help the Inman Aligner in any way? I have an appointmen to see a dentist about the Inman's but I'd hate to have to pay for the consultation fee only to be then told I'm not suitabe. I'd really like to know the severity of crowding the Inman's can correct.