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    Default Does Inman Aligner correct diastema and what is the cost

    Does Inman Aligner correct diastema as well? I have a really minor one..

    Also, is it mandatory to go check-in every month, because I would live far from the dentist that does Inman Aligner. it would cost a lot for me to go over there a lot. Thus I would prefer going there just once or twice, would that be possible?

    Is the minimum price for Inman Aligner 1200, I read that somewhere. But I also read about someone using Inman Aligner for 8 months and paying 2000. That doesn't sound right, considering one might have to wear it only for a month?

    Thank you in advance!

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    it may be worth finding an inman aligner dentist that lives close to you rather than travelling for every check up. The inman aligner can be used to close a diastema but you will need to ask your dentist if it will work in your individual situation, The cost of the inman aligner will vary from clinic to clinic

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    The success of the Inman aligner is really dependent upon numerous factors so you would need a full examination to ascertain your suitability. I'm not sure you have read about this but the Inman aligner will not straighten your teeth in a month, nothing will. Additionally you will need numerous appointments to make sure all is going as predicted

    I hope this helps

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