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    Default Lost my Inman Aligner Spring!

    Good Afternoon
    I've got the InmanAligner since March, and today while i was cleaning it, I've lost one of the spring that are on the lingual side, the one which push the teeth... do you know where I can find one ? I have already ask my dentist and he said that he does not have one in his office and that he doubt that one could be order to the firm....
    Please guy help me, I have put so much money on it....

    I'm ready to buy one with paypal without any problem! anyone could help me ?

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    You should simply contact the dentist who fitted the aligner
    they will have spring or can order it from the lab and a repair can me made.

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    If you have lost a spring from your Inman Aligner the best advice is to book a consultation with your dentist and they will order a new spring from the Inman Aligner lab which is based in London. Hopefully it will only take a few days to arrive in the post. It may require for you to send your inman aligner back to the lab for which there will probably be a small charge.

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