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    Default Who Offers Inman Aligner Treatment in St Helens

    Hi all

    I used to wear fixed braces as a teenage but my one of my front teeth has began to be pushed forwar, which is now starting to affect the other teeth close to it.

    Before my teeth worsem i have had a consultation who advised my that veneers would be a soloution.

    However im no worrying about having venners - simply because, i feel my teeth are in very good condition and im doubting whether to have them shaped for veneers - which will no doubt need replacing in 10years time at more expense

    Having read about inman aligner - i approached the practice i origanlly went to (who state on their website that they offer inman aligner treatement) only to be told the dentist has not been trained yet.

    Im desparte to locate a practice that offers the inamn aligner...Are you able to provide a list of dentists who offer the treatment?

    I live in St.Helens so any practices around this area (Merseyside. Cheshire etc)

    Many Thanks


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    Dear Lesley,

    You can find a list of Certified Inman Aligner Dentists on this website.
    There are now 34 certified dentists in the UK.

    I hope this helps,

    Dr. Tif Qureshi

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    There are now many practices in the North West offering the Inman Aligner all you would need to do is look it up on the official website or alternatively simply Google Inman Aligner + St helens or + Cheshire and you will find a number of dental practice websites offering the Inman Aligner and other orthodontic treatments.

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