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    Question Inman Aligner for my crowded lower bite

    Hello there
    I am thinking about going for Inman Aligner to correct my 'crowded' lower bite.

    The main reason is its short duration.I've got my upper bite all right, but my lower teeth are lying back (mainly) and a bit crowded.

    My worries are that having only an orthodontic on my lower bite pushing them forward, might cause the upper bite to move. I wouldn't like to ruin my smile, as my upper teeth are bigger than the lower one.

    However, I've seen on Inman Aligner treatments, it usually requires one single aligner...


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    It may well be possible-

    predictably the only way of really knowing is going to see a certified Inman Aligner Dentist
    You can find your nearest on one Inman Aligner
    or www.straight-talks.com

    Dr. Tif Qureshi.BDS

    UK Pioneer of the Inman Aligner.


    Straight-talks Seminars for an enlightened approach to Cosmetic Dentistry.

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