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    Default Gum recession and pain after Inman Aligner

    Tif, I need your advice urgently. I'm almost finished with the IA but recently I noticed pain in the gum where the device is attached. On examination I discovered that the gum has receded considerably on the inside of the tooth. In fact the root is visible. It looks quite red and inflamed. I haven't worn the IA in the past 2 days as it is most uncomfortable. what can I do about it? Is it serious and can it be fixed. Please help, as I'm so happy with the results of the IA and so worried now that I've created a new problem.

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    best thing is to get yourself back to your dentist asap.
    Its unlikely there is any serious damage but it may be that the fitting area needs adjusting back to reduce any friction.
    Redness an inflammation can look quite bad and even worse if you had never noticed it before- but the mouth has an amazing propensity to heal quickly

    get to your dentist asap

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    How did you get on with this problem did the gum recession and gum pain problem resolve itself and what was causing it ?

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