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    Default Lost my Inman Aligner spring how much does a new one cost?

    My dentist is closed over the weekend and I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience of this to give me a "heads up" before I phone my dentist on Monday. Currently wearing the IA and was cleaning it, there was something stuck underneath the spring (gross, I know) that slides onto the wee legs that are attached to the bar that sits behind your front teeth. Anyways, I removed the spring and placed it on the shelf above the sink and then I went to get my tooth bruch knocking the spring down the sink. I feel so stupid and I've had my IA for 6 weeks and I've been so careful. Does anyone know how much a spare spring is? or can you even get a spare part. I'm so worried about it so any advice would be welcomed.

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    Hello Laura,

    It is unlikely that you are going to have any problems if you are without your Inman for the weekend, in terms of costs for a spring for an Inman Aligner this would really be down to the individual dental practice that you are with. Some practices may have a spare spring and just give it to you whereas another practice may need to order a spring from the Inman Aligner lab and thus charge you a small fee. Im sure you will be able to get a spare part so dont worry about that. Just hang tight till Monday and I am sure everything will be fine.

    It would be a big help if you came back to the forum on Monday to let us know what happened, just incase somebody else looses a spring one day the answer will be here for them. Good Luck and let us know how you get on!

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    Default Solution!

    UPDATE - Couldn't speak to my dentist yesterday since they were closed due to adverse weather conditions. However, I managed to speak to them on the phone today. They don't have any spare springs lying around but were able to order one there and then for me from the lab for no charge which was extremely kind of them. They didn't have any problems with it and just told me to keep wearing my inman as normal which is fine for me to do. Therefore if any of you do land yourselves in this situation, just call your dentist and wear your inman as normal and a spring can be ordered for you!

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    good advice laura- it is always a very good idea to get in contact with your dentist immediately.
    Many do carry the springs in practice and even if they don't it can be ordered very quickly.

    Its also worth carrying on wearing the aligner even with a spring missing until you get a new one
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