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    Default Inman Aligner and Canine teeth

    I want to have braces to straighten my top front teeth. One dentist has recommended the Inman Aligner and another has recommended Invisalin saying the Inman Aligner won't fully straighten my teeth. I have protruding canines on both sides which have been getting worse over the years. Can the Inman Aligner help with this??

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    I think to be sure you would need to see a dentist that offers both treatments or perhaps get an opinion from one of the inman aligner experts on this forum. we would need to see a photo though. The Inman Aligner is capable of a lot of tooth movements and it really depends on the skill and expertise of the dentist. However Invisalign and Inman aligner are not your only 2 options you could also look into lingual braces, fixed braces or short term orthodontics such as the 6 month braces system. make sure you do your homework before choosing the right system for you.

    Go to a few consultations get some opinions and most importantly choose a dentist that you feel comfortable with.

    Good luck

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    Hello, i have very bad canine teeth - look like a vampire. I am very self consious and have gone for the inman alligner. You can follow my progress on my blog if you'd like to see pictures. I have to wear the inman for 10 weeks then clear retainer type things to rotate my canines back into place. My dentist seems to think they'll be practically prefect. (one canine will be 1mm out of line - but who would notice 1mm?)
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