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    I have inman aligner on the upper teeth. My dentist told me to remove the lingual spring to clean everyday. Now I face the problem in putting it back. I dont' know which side should I put it it because it looks the same to me. There are two side of lingual spring. One side is quite smooth and the other feel quite rough. Which one is correct between
    - the rough side facing the gum (and the smooth side facing the tongue) or,
    - the smooth side facing the gum (and the rough side facing the tongue)?

    The former feel more comfortable to me. Could anyone advice please???? Thank you very much.

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    the smooth side should be touching the tongue- the rough side facing the gum. (the first on your list)

    BTW you dont have to take the whole appliance apart to clean it every time.
    Just pulling the lingual bar forward is enough to get access to clean it.

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