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    Question A weekend without wearing the inman

    I have had my aligner now for a few months and everything is going very well! Speech is not 100% normal, but i just learn to think fast and use different words that dont have 's' in them to avoid the lisp!!

    This weekend will be difficult for me to wear the aligner during the day due to work commitments - however i will be able to wear it at night. How bad an idea is this? How much will it affect progress? It will be a one off but i am feeling uneasy about it - i dont want to look in the mirror at the end of the day and see my teeth have returned to their previous state!

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

    L x

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    Hi there,

    I have been wearing my inman for 11 weeks now. Went to the dentist for my fortnightly check up and have been told i have two weeks left. He asked how i was getting on and answered honestly that i was getting a bit fed up with it. As i was going away this weekend, he did say that it would be OK to go with out my inman for a couple of days for a break. i still continured to wear it over night but i think at this stage its fine to go a day/2 days without it - just wear it over night. My teeth are fine and i don't think i have delayed/put back my treatment.

    Hope that helps!

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    As I am sure you know the more you wear the Inman the quicker it will work with a minimum of 18-20 hours a day being desirable. However wearing it just at night should prevent any relapse of the result so far, but during this time of night time only wear your teeth are unlikely to move further.
    Dr David Bloom BDS

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