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    I have crooked lower teeth and has been bugging me for years - and is getting worse. I decided to go for a consultation and i had impressions taken - i had a call the other day to make an appointment to see the dentist...i've not rung back yet......i'm slightly concerend about the wire retainer which i've been told i will have to keep in forever after treatment - seems a bit daunting.....can anybody share their experiences and do they find the wire retainer difficult to live with? My job involves answering the telephone (call support) and i'm worried i'lm not going to be able to speak also.

    Hope you can offer advice.


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    You can either have a wire retainer or a removable one (like a gum shield). I have a removable one and finished my treatment a couple of months ago. Think they both have good and bad points. Fixed means you don't have to worry about putting it in but dental hygiene takes a bit more effort. Removable means you only have in at night but need to remember to use it and clean it. Speaking will be a problem whilst you have the inman in. I could not speak on the phone at work with it in but it is easy to put in and take out. If you are on the phone all the time that may be difficult and perhaps the invisalign may be a better option as it does not affect how you speak so much. Hope that helps.

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    Default INMAN or fixed or invisalign

    I'm not sure then whether to go for this option or just to have a traditional fixed brace - a friend at the gym has had the bog standard fixed brace for her upper row and after 6 months is now taking them off and half the price of inman.

    Also i believe the inman brace is more noticeable than the invisalign brace and by having a fixed brace atleast you don't have to bother putting it in or taking it out. I wonder if they do white coloured fixed braces?

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    There are white brackets for fixed braces.
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    It is considered normal to wear a wire retainer after braces and after a
    short period of time (a week or so) you will not even know it is there.
    If you insist on not having a fixed retainer you can wear a removable
    retainer at night but if you do not wear it the result will relapse and
    so a fixed retainer is a better option as it does not rely upon you
    remembering to wear the retainer.


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