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    Default Inman Aligner Basics - advice please!

    Hi there,

    I've had an Inman Aligner for almost 2 weeks now to correct by upper left 1 which protudes slightly and upper left 2 which sits further back than it should. I've been wearing it for approx 23 hrs a day and it seems to be going smoothly so far but I'm yet to notice any movement.

    I was wondering where the best place is for the clear front bar to sit on the teeth - at the top near the gum, on the centre of the teeth or at the bottom? Does this differ depending on the individual case?

    Also, I wasn't shown exactly the best way to put in the aligner and was wondering if you could offer any tips? I've been clicking the metal parts at the side into place, then pulling the clear bar up over my front teeth and finally adjusting the bar at the back, is this correct?

    Many thanks

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    The position of the bar is slightly dependent on the type of tooth movement required and this is obviously individual for everyone. However as a general rule, the bar should be away from your gums on the outside to maximise mechanics.

    With regards to the best method to place the aligner, I suggest you ask your dentist this the next time you are due in to see them

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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    If you are still not clear about how to wear your Inman Aligner I would strongly recommend that you go back and see your dentist who gave you the treatment and ask him / her how you should wear it, especially if there has been no movement, are you booked in for regular appointments during your treatment? These are usually a few weeks apart anyway. Good luck with your treatment

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    Whilst happy to post this reply I would encourage you to discuss these matters with your dentist.

    It sounds like you are putting the appliance in correctly. The bar should sit on the edge of the most out of position tooth and may need a plastic 'button' to help hold it in this position. This is generally as close to the incise edge as possible if the tooth is forward of the others . This will ensure it creates the most amount of force on the teeth that are out of position. Also there has to have been some space creation by your dentist (interproximal reduction) to allow the teeth to move and your dentist will know if this has been done .
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    My dentist said the exact same thing and I have the buttons on my teeth
    so the bar fits on the edge of the teeth to be treated where they bar gets the most
    To the original poster, where does your bar sit? by the gum line ?

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    Default 23 hours


    Noticed that you say you wear your aligner for 23 hours a day - I was told not to wear the aligner for anything more than 20 hours per day

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    this is right

    the Inman Aligner should only be worn a maximum of 20 hours a day
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