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    Post Sore teeth with Inman Aligner

    Hi everyone , new to this site but just have a few questions..
    I have had my Inman alligner in for 10 days now and generally its fine. Have noticed my speech but as everyone says its worse in your own ears. The only concern i have is that when its in I can feel the pressure on my teeth? is this normal?? and when I take it out my teeth really ache, not numb, can still feel them but very sore and hurt to bite into anything, and sensitiv, does anyone feel or have the same problem??
    Also its rubbing and causing an indent in my lower gum (wearing it for lower teeth correction) like a blister, its fine once its been in for 5 mins or so but putting it in and out is very painful, not due to see dentist now until after chrissie 4th jan!! do you think she can correct it? Any others with experience of the inman would be great to hear your views, so I dont worry my teeth will drop out!!!!

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    Well I certainly felt the pressure and understand it is normal but suggest you call your dentist if you are worried. I found I could not bite into anything hard but I think it just means it is moving your teeth! No pain no gain I guess!

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    Finished my 4 month treatment (upper teeth correction) and very very pleased with result,
    answer to your questions :
    at the begining and at the end of my treatment was when the pressure of the correctiveness was very apparent (ache sensitve and soreness) otherwise no concerns in the middle of the treatment , even after filing
    for soreness on my gums my dentist gave me dental wax strips , I placed these on the areas that rubbed untill they adapted to the brace
    hope this helps
    keep smiling

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    I got mine fitted last week only been In a few days, teeth really ache at the moment
    (like the pain of ice cream if you leave it against your teeth) feels better when brace is back on,
    I have the upper one, and my dentist said it would hurt to start with, you will salivate a lot for the first
    few days and speech should get better in a few weeks.
    Also the teeth will feel a little loose as they gently move into place (hence the 20hrs a day suggestion)

    My dentist also put little "buttons" onto my teeth so the brace expansion band doesn't move up on my
    teeth, obviously the lower the band, the more leverage on the teeth and the faster the result.

    Hope this helps others and I look forward to hearing of your results!!

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