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    Default To crown or not to crown after a root canal

    I had a root canal filling on my first right upper molar three years ago, which my dentist chose not to crown.It recently split, and a portion of the front of the tooth was cut away above the root which left around 75% of the tooth in tact. This was built back up with appropriate build up materials. However my same dentist still declined to consider a crown.
    I was originally with denplan but my dentist chose to switch to an internal private insurance scheme. I am 65 years of age which may have a bearing on his decision. Do you think the tooth should be crowned ?
    Should I iook for a second opinion?

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    It's impossible to give you any guidance without a full consultation. I understand your concerns and given your concerns, I believe you would benefit from a second opinion to put your mind at ease

    I hope this helps

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