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    Default Best mouthwash to use after Apicectomy

    Hi all

    I am new to this forum, I have just started a course of treatment to improve the look of my upper front teeth. I broke both the teeth when I was a kid and had gold/porcelain crowns fitted at age fifteen, but infection has set in to both the roots and my dentist has had to treat the roots without removing the crowns.

    So I am currently recovering from an apicectomy to the roots of both upper front teeth. I would like some advice on the best form of mouthwash to use during the healing process. I was using a hot salt water solution four times a day from the day after the operation and some of the stitches came loose and fell out after three days so I started using a mild dental mouthwash instead.

    I have just had the remaining stitches removed two weeks after the operation and on one tooth the gum has still not healed over properly. The dentist has told me to keep using a mouth wash, but as the wound is still not healed should I use a salt water solution or just an ordinary mild mouthwash? I am worried that as the wound is still open infection may set in.



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    I would recommend using corsodyl mouthwash for 1 week after the procedure, aswell as your salt mouth rinses. This is what i normally tell my patients to use, Please ask your dentist if this is suitable for your case.

    I hope this helps

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    Hi Kal

    Thank you for the advice. Our local chemist recommended the Corsodyl Daily product.


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