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    Default Should I retreat a root canal before cosmetic work


    I'm 46 and am returning to the dentist after a lay-off of several years due to cancer (low white cell count meant I couldn't risk heavy bleeding). I am undertaking remedial and cosmetic dentistry to 'catch up', and part of this involves putting a crown on a tooth (front next to canine) that has died.

    I had a root canal on it about 16 years ago and it's always been trouble-free, except for its colour. The new x-rays show that the entire root was not removed though, and a portion remains. My new dentist says I can have it retreated, to potentially provide a better foundation for the crownor leave it. She advises that putting a crown on the existing work might make treatment more difficult if it ever becomes infected, but has left it up to me. However, I am concerned that re-visiting it could cause problems, such as possible infection, that are not there yet.

    Can anyone advise me what the right decision should be? Is there a right decision even?

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    Your dentist is correct. If the root canal treatment is not adequate , it should be carried out again to allow a good foundation for the new crown. As long as the treatment is carried out well, then you should have no problems.

    I would recommend you communicate your concerns with your dentist.
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    Thanks very much for your quick advice. I did discuss this with my dentist and she said that although no-one can rule out possible infection, doing the work should be fine.

    She did also stress that having the work was desirable, rather than essential, which left the ball in my court, hence my need for an informed opinion.

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