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    I had a small 1mm gap in my upper two front teeth filled with composite bonding a year ago. The results are great, and it looks really natural.

    However, I have recently decided to investigate braces as I have come to the conclusion that i would like to straighten my teeth. With this in mind, i would like my dentist to remove the composite bonding, so that a brace can be used to close the gap permanently.

    First, can composite bonding be removed easily? My dentist did the filling so well, it seems impossible to tell which is tooth and which is bonding? So, is it possible to remove it? And will the underlying tooth look normal?

    Also, when the filling was done, the bonding was polished and i can see a less shiny surface on some of the surface of my teeth. I will ask the dentist to polish this after the gap is revealed again, but If some bonding remains, does this effect how well fixed brace brackets would stay on?

    Also, when the brackets are removed at the end of treatment, would the bonding have stained, is this permanent, or would polising after the brackets are removed get rid of it?

    Thank you for your time.

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    1. composite bonding can be removed .
    2. it is impossible to say what the underlying tooth would look like without examining the mouth.
    3. any residual bonding and composite remaining can removed once the brackets are removed.

    Hope this helps.
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