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    Default Overbite/Roof Sawing?/Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Braces ...phew

    I have an overbite (my bottomw teeth are completely behind my upper front ones) and the roof of my mouth is narrow (about a pinky finger width). I have found out that my wisdom teeth have grown in on a 90 degree angle to my bottom teeth and are impacted (the top one's are in as well but are straight down)...My questions are this...when I was a kid I was told that I'd have to have my jaw broken...AND the roof of my mouth sawed open?! in order to have braces...does this still hold true to today's technology? Two, does my overbite have any bearing to the extraction to my lower jaw wisdom teeth? I sincerely appreciate any answers. I wish I could get braces...I hate my teeth and I never smile (grinning is the best I do) because of them and I'd love to know my options. Thanks

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    Of course type of orthodontic treatment options have changed over the years.

    Unfortunately, these questions are very specific, therfore it is impossible to answer your questions without carrying out an examination and looking at your xrays.

    My advice would be to have a consultation with an orthodontist to allow these questions to be answered.

    Good luck!
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