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    Smile Over Crowding and Underbite Help

    Hello, I'm Samantha.

    I am 20 Years old and I live in the South East of England.

    I have over crowding in my top teeth, My right front tooth juts out a fair way and is overlaping my left front tooth. I also have a underbite.

    When i was in school i got given a brace that pushes your bottom jaw forward, I wore it a few times at school but got severly bullied for it. I stopped wearing at school, after roughly a year i went back to my Dentist and he told me that there has been a improvment and i will should be ready for my train tracks. So he refered me to the hospital, when i got there the woman said other wise and said i would probably need to wear it for another year.

    I got very depressed and as a reult a stopped wearing it completly, i was only young and very heart broken by it, due to this i stopped going to the Dentist, i havnt been in a long time and if im honest am quite petrified by the thought of going any where near a dentist as it always brings back memorys which i hate. I got a lot of bullying from it and ended up being very recluse.

    I am now 20 years of age, I have just started my new job up in London. I find it very hard to make friends as people think im very miserable as I never smile. due to my teeth being the way they are I got quite depressed and due to that let my appearence slip. Im slightly overweight and feel totally and unbelievably ugly. Getting my self my new job in London has really given me the inspiration to try and get into a healthy regime and try to feel confident with my self but i feel held back by my teeth. I need to get them storted so i can start leading my life.

    Im not quite to sure what to do. I have had a look at some of the treatments that available to be done but i'm not sure what to have. I want to have lovely straight teeth, my bite now is still the same since when it improved from the over bite corrector, i just want my front teeth sorted. I no it will give me such a boost to feel confident about my self....

    but what to dooooo!

    CAN ANYONE HELP MEEEEE??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Sorry for the humongous post but i wanted to give you all the full story!

    Sam xxxx

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    Dear Sam,

    If your teeth are crooked, you really need braces of some form. I'd suggest a full consultation with a reputable dentist

    I hope this helps

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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