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    Hey hi all.

    Im looking for some info regarding my teeth. When I was younger my mum and did didnt bother to take me to my dentist as a result i have 2 extra teeth above my eye teeth which has pushed them back behind my two front teeth. As you can imagine this has realy dented my confidence over the years as I havent smiled forever, plus my bottom teeth are realy close together also.I get alot of pain from time to time because of this, anyway Im 30 this year and was wondering is there any help I can get on the NHS In Scotalnd or is It to late in life for me???? Somtimes I wish I could get the top teeth pulled and get dentures is this an option???

    Cheers, a skint Scottish guy

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    Hey David,

    That is Tragic!!! I was feeling bad about my mis-placed bite sounds like you have it much worse than I ever did! By age 17 my teeth were just fine! I am sure that you could and should get help. I only know of my dentists methods, which are pretty top end. But, I am sure that teeth behind your front can be moved by front and replace!
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    You should visit a dentist. If you are eligible for orthodontic treatment on the NHS, your dentist can refer you. Please be aware that the NHS only treats severe cases, but it doesn't hurt to ask

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