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    Unhappy what options do we have?

    My husband's teeth are falling out, he has gum disease and regularly visits the dentist who more or less says that nothing can be done. His previous dentist suggested a mouthwash, which has made no difference. He cleans his teeth three times a day, uses floss and also the little interdent brushes. The dentist has also said that he will not be able to wear dentures as his gums are disappearing also. The latest tooth to fall out is near the front and now one front tooth is loose too. Surely something can be done to save his remaining teeth, could he ask for a referral to a hospital specialist? What can be done if he is unable to to be fitted with dentures? I have read about implants but they would be too expensive and I think the dentist said that the bone is disappearing too! We desperately need some advice.

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    Does he smoke? Does he have any underlying medical conditions? I would suggest a visit to a specialist periodontist (someone who deals solely with gums), even if it is just for advice.
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