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    Default loose discoloured teeth dentures scare me

    I am 66 years old and have poor teeth. My lower front teeth are loose and discoloured. I also have gum disease and I think before long the lower front teeth will need to be removed. I want to look at new teeth but do not know much about it. Dentures scare me somewhat and I wonder if some implants and whitening of the few good teeth I have would be the answer. I would appreciate your advice. I live in Portugal but come to the UK fairly often. How long would any recommended treatment take. Many thanks.

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    The first stage would consist of improving your gum health, as your gums are the foundation to your teeth and healthy gums are important to have any form of dental treatment such as implants

    Options to replace teeth are:

    My recommendation would be to have a thorough clinical and radiographical examination with a dentist in order to find out the best treatment options in your case

    Good Luck!
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