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    Default how to remove implant based upper dentures

    My dentures fit nicely but it is hell to take them out. My fingernails get broken in the process. Is there any special tool I can use? Any special technique? Thanks

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    Hi Susan,

    I suggest you go back to your dentist who can show you the technique again. He/she may also be able to adjust them slightly to make them easier to take out

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards

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    Default question

    Could you tell me if your implants are on the top or bottom. If bottom where are the implants located and how many. I just had 2 put in to hold bottom denture and they placed them in the center of mouth instead of on the sides in position 22 & 27. I have not had the teeth attached yet as they just uncovered them & placed the healing caps on Thanks for your help.

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    I am considering dental implants to hold my upper denture in place. I have fought with it for 2 1/2 years, and am tired of adhesive, slipping, etc. Are you happy with yours? Thanks for the help.

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    sometimes an instrument like a crochet hook can be used in an emergency, but best to see your dentist again for advice or him to make the denture easier to remove

    Nick Fahey
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