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    Unhappy i cant wear my denture that replaced a crown

    My upper front crown has fallen out, the tooth underneath has broken off and the dentist has made a single denture for me.

    She said I couldn't have a new crown replaced on a post because the entry to the root was calcified so my only option was a denture.

    My only problem with this is I can't wear the denture. I put it in place and immediately start to gag and have to remove it. I really struggle with things in my mouth to the point of where I gag when I'm just brushing my teeth every day. I can't stay like this with a big gap in the front of my mouth - I have to go out and go to work.

    Do you have any tips for me that will help to get used to this quickly please?

    She has said that I could look at getting an implant or a bridge - but that I need to get used to this first and give it a chance.

    Help please

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    Nonsense you dont need to get used to anything to give it a chance, get a new dentist.
    Dr Nick Fahey BDS (NZ), MCLIN DENT PROS (London), FRACDS, MRD RCS (Edin) Pros, MFDS RCS (Eng)

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    From what you say it sounds like a replacement for your front tooth is
    the best way ahead. Even if the root canal could be accessed, the
    outlook for any 'post crown' would not be great due to the limited
    amount of natural root remaining.

    The options for a replacement tooth involve:

    1/a removable denture - this will always need to occupy a degree of you
    palate and so may make you gag

    2/a fixed solution. This can use your natural teeth - a bridge - or
    involve a replacement root and crown - an implant.

    The bridge could be a conventional bridge but this would be very
    destructive of the other teeth. It could be an adhesive bridge which is
    a lot more conservative but does have the risk of periodically
    debonding. An implant would be considered the gold standard but involves
    more cost initially.

    In my opinion the most ideal solution would be the implant
    Dr David Bloom BDS

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    Default Please help

    I was given a general anaesthetic recently and during the pipe being put into or taken out of my throat, two of my teeth were knocked out. The following day, the dental clinic at the hospital removed an exposed nerve. The following week they done impressions, removed the remaining parts of the teeth and gave me a plate.
    I really can not get on with the plate and find it very uncomfortable. I would like to know what options I have now. And at what cost

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    This is one of those situations that it is difficult to give advice without a full consultation. One option from what you describe may be implants. Fees are dependent on complexity and exactly what needs to be done

    Kindest regards

    Special interest in TMJ treatments, tension headaches and migraine therapy

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