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    So I am in Sweden, and I am thinking about getting two implants done soon. This would be for two teeth that were once knocked (in 2000) out due to trauma. They recently died and now I need implants. These two teeth are my upper central and lateral incisors. I read that the implant process takes at least 6 months to complete. Between the first surgery and the completion of the process, will I have a large gap with nothing there? or maybe the implant endings? How long would I go with a gap? If this was in another part of my mouth I would be okay with that, but this would be so visible to notice. I think I might be a bit more vain that I than I thought I was. So if anyone could be let me know about this it would be much appreciated.

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    1. majority of times implants treatment take 3 - 6 months, but of course each scenario is different i.e does the site require bone or soft tissue grafting, etc
    2.There are number of ways to temporary replace the teeth while the implants are integrating
    a. removable denture
    b. temporary maryland bridge
    c. in only certain circumstances temporary crowns can be placed on the implants which are placed immediately.

    All these options would be discussed at your consultation.

    if you go to the following page written by Dr Bohara , you will find more detailed information on the implant procedures.


    Good luck!!
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    Dr Raha Sepehrara is absolutely right, The answer for dental implant treatment time: this question depend upon the type of dental implant treatment provided.

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