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    Unhappy Some bridge issues

    I had a birdge done 11 years ago, it consist of 5 teeth (2 being my front). My problems is within the last few years I have noticed on the very top part of my bridge (right at the gum line) I can see the metal on the bridge. What causes this and how would or could it be fixed? Should the whole bridge be replaced? Is it because I have had the bridge for so long? And also lately my gums have sensitive, swollen and sometimes bleeding were my bridge is any idea what could cause this?

    Thanks alot

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    It is very important to have good oral hygiene aswell as seeing the hygienist ever 6 months. You say that gums are swollen and bleeding. It sounds like you may have gum disease. It is very important you see a dentist to diagnose this and treat this. It is impossible for me to give a diagnosis without looking at the gums and the teeth.

    If the gums are not looked after then they can recede. Therfore this is the reason why you are showing the metal portion of the bridge. If this is not a cosmetical issue , i would leave it. If it is and it bothers you, then an option may be to replace it.

    I think the most important thing i can advice , is to see a dentist to have a full examination.
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