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    I have advanced Periodontitis and am now aware that several, if not all of my upper splayed teeth need to be removed. I have lost bone and so my teeth are very long and spaced, not much gum line left especially on the four front teeth. I am at present more concerned with the upper teeth than lower as my dentist says these can be dealt with later.

    I have been told that I can only have the four front teeth removed and implants placed because the work is better to do in stages, along with a bone graft and sinus lift for a missing molar at the back of my mouth (which will then have an implant at a later date).

    I am reaching my wits end, because I have to have this work done and I want a second opinion. I just won’t go ahead with my dentist at present because I don’t think I am being given all the right options for me. Can someone tell me where to look to find a cosmetic dentist?
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    Hello it is always worth looking for a second opinion when considering extensive work such as this. I would look for an implant dentist who has a lot of experience in implant dentistry rather than a cosmetic dentist. This website has a lot of experienced implant dentists but when looking for the right person the questions to ask are:

    1. How many dental implants do you place a year
    2. how many sinus lift procedures have you done
    3. How many bone graft procedures have you done
    4. What specific postgraduate implant training do you have
    5. Can i see some before and after pictures of patients that you have treated with a similar condition to mine

    Hope this helps and good luck

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