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    Default Implant advice please.

    Hi, my first posting so hello to all.
    I am a white british male age 49. looking for some first time advice on dental implants, I find forums a quick way to gain a lot of experience to help you make an informed decision, a few years ago I had laser eye surgery and researched it for 2 years before making a decision as it was so important for me to get it right and the forum approach paid dividends.
    This time I have (obviously) a problem relating to my teeth.
    I dont have the best teeth in the world, a few crowns, bridges, fillings and gaps.

    The current problem I have is that I have a tooth with a re-occuring abcess under it, it has been root canal treated and I have had 3 courses of amoxycillin but it keeps flaring up, yesterday I visited my dentist (NHS) and he put me on Metronidazole and told me to come back in 10 days and he will extract it.
    The bigger problem I have is that it is next to a gap, so when he takes it out I will be left with an even bigger gap (I think it is a pre-molar, need to check to be sure, but it is lower jaw, right hand side and about half way back).
    I asked him what the options were once the tooth is pulled, he said 1) Implant at 1800 2)various plates/dentures ranging from 400 to 800 or 3) leave the gap and let the other teeth around it erupt?

    No way do I want to have a plate or denture, I'm too young for that ;-) and to vain :-)

    My initial reaction to 1800 for one tooth was shock, I am fairly well off, but spend my money wisely, I always go for a quality job and guarantees rather than the cheapest option, so started to investigate, bearing in mind that I have an appointment on the 9th September to extract the tooth, I asked him when he does take it out can I leave the gap and see how I go and maybe go for an implnat in say 12months time, he said this was fine, I'm not so sure?

    So last night I did a bit of reaserch on the web, looked at the best implants, came up with Straumann, Noble etc.
    Titanium implants, full Zirconia implant and abutment etc.....
    The feeling I get is that Straumann SLActive is pretty good (healing quick and good bonding with bone etc.) but dont know enough about full zirconia to discount.

    I guess I need to do much more research but unfortunately I do not have a lot of time, hence the cry for help on here to get me going quickly, so some starters for ten:-

    I appreciate that you do not know my prescription or the state of my teeth etc, and I will not hold advice against anyone, but any advice would be appreciated:-

    1) Is it true what my dentist is saying, i.e. if my tooth is extracted in a couple of weeks time can I have an implant in 12months?
    2) What is the best quality and most cost effective implant?
    3) What is the best clinic, UK or abroad (UK ideally) that offers the best products, the best service AT THE LOWEST COST.

    I have many other questions, but just wanted to get the ball rolling.

    thanks in advance,

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    Dear Nick,

    In response to your questions:

    1. Yes, this should be possible. However, you may have bone loss in the area and require some bone grafting in order to place the implant. Its hard to say without looking, but in the lower jaw it shouldnt be too much of a problem after 12 months.
    2. This is a on-going debate! My opinion is that all the main-stream implant systems work very well, and they all have successful cases ranging from 10+years. My recommendation would be to ensure you are having one of the following implant systems used, in no particular order: Nobel, Straumann, Astra, 3i, Ankylos. There are other good systems, but these are the main players!

    3. I would not have implant treatment abroad, if you run into problems, you'll find it hard to get a local dentist to treat you! There is no "best clinic" It all depends on the individual, I would research the dentist doing it, check his credentials, ask to see past cases, what training does he have, post-graduate or courses etc etc

    Hope that helps!!
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