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    Angry crowns keep falling out stronger cement?

    i am totally fed up.i have gone through a hell of a lot of pain having bone graft from my lower jaw to replace what i had lost in the upper jaw at the front 2 teeth.its taken nearly a year to get to the point where today i had my lovely new crowns put in,when i had the temporarly crowns in they had to be glued twice as they fell out within a few hours of being put in,guess what,its happened again with the new teeth,i have been told that there is stronger cement but i am quickly loosing faith,just waiting to go to dentist AGAIN to have them cemented AGAIN

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    I had something similar. The first time round they fell out within a couple of days, but the second time the dentist used a stronger 'cement' and they have last about 7 years, up untill funnily enough a couple of days ago.

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