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    Unhappy NHS dentist wont fit a crown on bad tooth

    my nhs dentist wont fit a crown on my bad tooth says it needs to come out any one else had this problem

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    Default crowns

    back in march half of upper left 5 tooth broke off and had a temporary filling put in which has lasted 3 months, this has now fell out, looks like i will have to have a crown. i do have an nhs dentist and understand this crown would be a white one. on the same side of my mouth but lower no. 6 tooth has a bit chipped off one corner and also has a filling, believe this crown could be gold. shall i bite the bullet and have them both done at the same time. i already have one crown on lower right no 6 tooth in gold. really do not relish the thought of drilling and impressions!

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    There could be many reasons why the tooth would need to be extracted instead of crowning/saving it. this can range from it
    1 being too broken down to fix- unrestorable
    2 failing root canal
    3 periodontial (gum) disease around the tooth
    4 it needing specialist treatment
    5 financial reasons

    i would strongly recommend that you go back to your nhs dentist and get an understanding to why the tooth needs to be extracted.

    i hope this helps

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