I had a lot of private dental work done in April 2010. I had a bridge, a plate and two front crowns. The bridge is OK. The plate is OK apart from one of the teeth that the plate links to. It felt like the dentist filed it down as it felt very thin and it was OK before this. After a while the outside of the tooth broke away. I went back to the dentist and he filled it. It now feels as if the filling is wearing away. I am very unhappy with the crowns. One was a replacement and the other was a new one as the tooth had a little hole in the inside between the two front teeth. I decided to have the replacement as the other one ‘moved’ and so formed the gap. Sitting in the dentist chair with all the artificial lights he asked me to pick a colour match to my other teeth, it was very hard to decide especially after being the chair for so long. He picked one that he said was the closest match. The teeth on my plate are a better colour match. He fitted the new crowns. I explained that they were not smooth so he filed them, still not great. There are big bits of ‘cement’ on the inside. He asked me to bite down to check the bite but it is not right. I have to really move my bottom jaw for my teeth to meet. I think the crowns were too big for the gap left by the teeth taken out as they overlap a fraction at each end. I feel like Goofy as they stick out and are a different colour. I went back at the end of June as my front tooth felt loose and as I was going away for 4 weeks I did not want it to fall out. He looked at it and said it will be OK. I went for a six month check up in October and for some reason I saw a different dentist. I told her I was unhappy with the front teeth and she said I would need to see the dentist who did the work. I told her the front tooth felt loose. She did an x ray and said I would need to keep an eye on it as it might need a root canal. Surely the dentist who did the original work should have x rayed the gums before doing any work as I told him the original crown felt loose.
I will not eat apples or bite a biscuit on my front teeth and I am afraid they will fall out.
Sorry to go on but can I still go back and complain or have I left it too late?