Hello all.

I am seeking some advice for my partnerwhos teeth are in pretty poor shape and she is sruggling with her confidence in a big way.

She suffered quite badly with her health as a child and recalls having a severe calcium deficiency which resulted in her having crowns fitted to her top 4 front teeth at the age of 12 and a lot of teeth where extracted, I guess that this would be viewed as unusual nowadays and seems a bit overzealous to me now. Sadly they look really bad now and the NHS dentist she last saw was absolutely horrified at the work that had been carried out.

We cannot afford the cost of private cosmetic work as it runs into many thousands of pounds and the climate does not permit sadly. My question is , is there any possibility of having the work done on the grounds of her medical history or perhaps approaching a teaching hospital for assesment. The work would be very extensive as all of her remaining teeth are in poor condition.

I doubt there is any scope but would be grateful for any advice.