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    I have two teeth, both on the lower jaw, on opposite sides which my Dentist said are probably dead. Both are mainly fillings. He said that they will need to be extracted. Is there still a possibility I could either get these crowned or even have implants. I am not too concerned about the cost. I live in London so if there is a possibility . could anyone recommend a practice?

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    If the nerves have indeed died, and there is enough sound tooth structure to work with, it may be possible to save these teeth. If you were to consider implants then I would recommend you have this consultation before the teeth are taken out, feel free to go to the search for a dentist section on the home page

    I hope this helps

    Kindest regards
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    Good advice by the good Dr Pav
    It would be likely that if the teeth can't be saved then you would be suitable for implants.
    If money is not to much of a concern then implantsprobly offer the best long term solution
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    Whether the teeth are savable will depend on the amount of tooth tissue
    remaining. It may be that they can be saved with root canals( if they
    are dead) and crowns but if the outlook in the long-term (prognosis) is
    not so good it may be better to consider implants rather than have to
    pay for treatment that does not have a great prognosis. However if the
    prognosis is good then it may be that saving them is the better option
    at this time.

    If they are to be replaced with implants, it is paramount that this is
    done in conjunction with the implant surgeon so that they are removed as
    a-traumatically as possible to maintain the available bone.

    I am in Watford, a 20 minute journey from Euston at
    cosmetic dentists in London dentists Watford provides tooth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants Watford. Alternatively search the British academy of
    cosmetic dentistry for an accredited dentist or at the very
    least a full member. I myself am an accredited member.


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