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    Firstly I'd like to say hello and thanks for the expert opinions and the experiences I've read about on the forum. I'd say that they have prevented me from making some rash dental decisions I would have ended up regretting!

    I recently fell onto concrete and chipped the bottom edge of my front two teeth leaving them visibly jagged. I've always been comfortable with any dental work I've had but this accident has left me incredibly anxious.
    I would ideally like the least invasive amount of work done and would prefer cosmetic contouring to smooth the edges back but fear that there is too much missing and my only option will be cosposite bonding.

    I'd like to hear any advice and experiences people have had with chipped teeth and any methods to fix them.

    I based just outside London in Essex and would really appreciate any recommendations of any good private dentists in either of the areas who could help me.
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    Hi and Welcome to the Forum

    chipped teeth may be restored in various ways and each way depends on the case:

    - simply smoothening of the chipped edge (if chip very small)
    - composite (white) filling to build the tooth up
    - crowns/veneers

    Obviously your dentist will be able to advise you of the best treatment option for you after carrying out a clinical and radiographical examination.

    You can have a look at the the main page of the cosmetic guide to find a dentist close to you.

    All the best

    Dr Raha Sepehrara BSC(Hons) BDS with Distinction

    The Dental Suite, Leicestershire

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    Winner of Best Young Dentist In the Midlands Award 2009

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    I recently had my chipped front teeth treated with white fillings and the results are excellent, my teeth probably look better than they ever were before!

    If anyone else finds themselves in the same situation and it is not a painful emergency case I'd advise them to take advantage of the free cosmetic consultations that quite a few dentists offer and check the portfolios of several of them so you can see what they are capable of.

    If you were like me and very anxious about chipping your front teeth you'll want to get them fixed as soon as possible but it's worth taking the extra time to find the right and sufficiently skilled dentist to build them back up again.

    Best of luck to any body else in the same boat.

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