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    Default Inman aligner/Invisalign

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I have one front tooth which sticks out and overlaps my next tooth slightly (these are my two front teeth). I really want them straightened either by invisalign or inman aligner. However i have been to see an orthodentist regarding invisalign and he has stated that fixed braces would be more effective as invisalign could cause me to have two bucked front teeth! I am wondering whether inman aligner works in the same way and would cause my teeth to look even worse. My teeth are slightly overcrowded and although the right hand side of my top teeth are perfectly straight my left fhand side is not so perfect and my front left tooth sticks out and slightly overlaps the front right one and the next one along backwards has been pushed slightly back. Can anyone help as i really dont want fixed braces or teeth that look worse?


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    Hi Dan,

    Fixed braces always have a greater degree of control over tooth movement. The answer to your question is it depends on the amount of overlap. Both Invisalign and the Inman aligner have trouble "uprighting" teeth but are very good at certain movements.

    It may very well be that if there is a slight overlap we could get a superb result without the need for fixed braces. Until you have had a full consultation it would be difficult to say more.

    Be aware that all dentists work in different ways, although your orthodontist syas fixed braces are the best way (and they may be the only way) some other dentists may be happy to use Invisalign.

    Another option for you would be to straighten your teeth as much as possible using braces then to consider some veneer work. I do lots of combination cases as I've just described and get superb results

    Hope this answers your questions

    Feel free to contact me if I can be of further help

    Kind regards

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    Default slightly overlapped front teeth

    From your description your treatment is very possible by invisble braces or Inman Aligners.

    An orthodontist using fixed braces will generally see things more from a textbook result point of view.

    We treat dozens of patients whose conventional fixed brace treatment hasn't achieved their expectations.

    There is greater control with fixed brace however this tends to be required for more complex cases where translation of the tooth is needed for lateral bodily movements.

    Not many orthodontists are practiced to understand a patients' aesthetic requirements since they tend to look at the physical relationships between teeth and not the aesthetic relationships.

    It is very possible to achieve both with invisible braces / Inman Aligners. . .

    Dav Jamus
    Kensington Dental Spa

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    Default Inman Aligner or Visaligner

    Please has anyone got any advise for me I have a slightly turned front tooth which I had straightened 17 years ago with a bracket brace but unfortunately it has started to turn slightly again but not as bad as before but I don't want it to move anymore.

    I have seen two dentist that have both given me good advice they have said that either one of the new braces available would work for me but I would like to know if anyone has had either and which one was less uncomfortable and would be better just for a slight movement and less time ??

    I have a retainer to wear at night that i find really uncomfortable but because im asleep its not too bad but to wear one all day i would find too much I think ....the bracket brace i wore many years ago was fine and didn't cause me any problems but I have been told that the new braces on the market now are quicker and better ..

    Thanks for reading


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    Hello Joanne,

    I think you may be referring to Invisalign and not "Visaligner" ? in any case you are right that modern day brace systems such as Invislign or the Inman aligner can be quick. With the Invisalign system you would probably need their express system, called Invisalign Lite.

    Only a consultation with a dentist will reveal which is the best treatment for you. After your treatment it may be worth considering to wear a fixed retainer rather than one you put on every night.

    Good luck with your treatment and keep us posted with your progress and which treatment you finally decided to go with.

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