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    Default Invisalign worries...

    I have just started the process of Invisalign treatment and I have done masses of research already, but I still have some worries...
    To give you an idea of my teeth, my lower teeth are very slightly crowded, and in fact I wasn't fussed about having these treated, but my dentist advised that I may as well do as its the same cost. My top teeth are gappy, but its just the 4 front ones and they do come slightly further forward because I sucked my thumb as a child.
    I have made the appointment for the moulds and photos to be taken, but my dentist has charged me up front for this, is this normal ?
    Also, my dentist is just that, and not an orthodontist - although I don't think my teeth are a particularly taxing case, have I made the wrong decision by just plumping for an accredited dentist, rather than an orthodontist ?
    I have heard various stories about the 'buttons' that are fixed to teeth during the process, but I wondered if these are used in every case ?
    Sorry for the long post, just feely uneasy and wanted some re-assurance, or advice!

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    If you are concerned , I would address these questions to your dentist who is carrying out the treatment.

    It is normal to get a deposit before starting the treatment as there are costs the dentist has to pay.

    It is very normal to use "buttons" during treatment and i would not be concerned with these.

    I am sure your treatment will turn out fine.

    Good luck!
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