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    Hello, this is a question for Dr Pav really I suppose!

    I was looking at getting braces about 2 years ago, and had a consultation, where I was keen to have some sort of 'invisible' brace due to work reasons, and was told I was suitable for the inman aligner, which I liked as it is removable (so could take it out for important work meetings, which is what I was worried about).

    Unfortunatley before I went ahead with the process, I had a car accident, and ended up having to spend the money I had saved up for the braces on a new car - so have been saving up again and I am nearly there!

    Have recently moved near to the yorkshire area too, which I understand is close to your surgery. I have been looking at your website, and am pleased to see you do the inman aligner, but also the 'incognito' brace caught my eye.

    When I was first researching braces two years ago, I didn't come across this one then - but I understand it is fixed behind the teeth, therefore invisible??

    I was just wondering if you could tell me approx how long this incognito treatment takes?? Another thing I liked about the inman aligner, was the short treatment time of 6-16 weeks, so am wondering how this compares.

    Also I was wondering about the approx cost - as I can't see it on your website, but can see the inman aligner is 1100 (I only need upper work, really the only problem I have is one tooth next to my front tooth, that is wonky and sticks out a bit).

    Kind Regards

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    Hi Liz,

    Yes the Incognito braces are very discrete. They are fully bespoke and average treatment times are around 18 months to 2 years. They are also made from fully bespoke, CAD gold and are therefore quite pricey. Fees for Incognito start from 6000. Do also remember Invisalign is a discrete brace system which costs significantly less than this

    I hope this helps

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