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    Default Need Help with bad teeth, Pics included

    Hi. I have always had a fear of the dentist and this has reflected on my teeth. I only go to the dentist when i really need to. But the time has come and i want to get them sorted. I can no longer live with my bad teeth. So as you will see in the picture i have one overlapping tooth that i really want to get fixed. I also have issues with my bottom row but i can live with them.

    So i am looking to get a brace,which brace i am unsure of. I would like something discreet but would sacrifice that for quicker treatment time. I would even consider veneers if i though that would be the best option. So i am hoping from my picture people will be able to give me some advice on which to go for. Thanks in advance

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    Unfortunately it is impossible to say what type of orthodontic treatment option would be appropriate without examining the teeth relationship, how the teeth meet together , xrays, facial profile etc.

    The options available for orthodontic treatment are
    1. invisible braces
    2. six months smies
    3. inman aligner
    4. conventional orthodontics
    5. lingual orthodontics

    and many more

    Therefore, there may be a solution to your problem, but I cannot tell you what type of treatment is best suited for you without the info listed above

    Best of Luck

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